Otaku Gaming & Hobby Clubhouse

Otaku Gaming & Hobby LLC is a Black-owned and operated clubhouse, We are an otaku, Nerd, and geeky gaming and hobby clubhouse for everyone!

We are the #1 gaming and hobby clubhouse in Flushing, Queens Area.

We have a featured Arcade Room with our have 90’s arcade game “BattleTech & Red Planet” in our arcade room. (Currently under construction.

Our main room is our tabletop and hobby room, where you can play tabletop games, wargaming tabletop games, tabletop strategy games, and collectible trading card games.

We have movie night and watch weekend events.

We sell have small house store, we sell dice, trading cards, manga, models kits, comic books, indie comics books, and anime. The bulk of our inventory is in our online store.

Come on in and join the community.
We want to create a unique Brick & Motor Clubhouse and Online Store for the hobbyist and gamer.

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